My Autistic Son Series

Episode 1

Join Patrice as she shares her story dealing with Demarae's Autism and all his quirks.

Episode 3

Join Patrice as she finds a creative way to help Demarae learn and Enjoy Maths. 

Episode 5

 We are halfway through our second week of home-schooling hooray!! 

Episode 7

In this episode, Patrice gets Demarae to write a story about his favorite cartoon.  She then had a better idea to make it into a movie, which involved making props and costumes. 

Episode 9

Episode 11

In this episode, Patrice decided to show Demarae her baking skills.  They were meant to make banana pancakes, but D decided he wanted cake instead, it surprisingly went well 

In this episode, we get to see what Patrice and Demarae have been up to during the week. Some activities involve face painting, baking and more.... 

Episode 2

Join Patrice as she explains the different aspects of Demarae's Autism. 

Episode 4

In this episode of My Autistic Son, Patrice finds a way to perfect her Ninjago Weapon shop. How did she do? 

Episode 6

Demarae has gone for the weekend, and Patrice has thought of an idea for his sensory needs. 

Episode 8

A Ninjago Story, written by Demarae, Starring Amarni as Lord Garmadarn &  Demarae as Lloyd Garmadarn. 

Episode 10

In this episode, Demarae was adamant about being Lord Garmadarn.

Episode 12

In this episode, Patrice shows why they stopped baking, with Demarae who hates to get his hands dirty and always distracted by his Lego. Baking is not for everyone! 

Episode 13

Welcome to the Crazy Science Show with Dr Evil and Dr Kanevil. In this episode, Patrice and Demarae create a show called Crazy Science.  Dr E (Demarae) and Dr K (Patrice), build their very own Volcano, tune in to see if they make it erupt!