Patrice Picard is a 31-year-old School Attendance Officer at a local Primary School.
Patrice was born on 5th October 1989 at Homerton Hospital in London, United Kingdom, and grew up in East London, Hackney. During her childhood, Patrice enjoyed writing short stories/songs, fixing gadgets in her home, and drawing cartoons of her family and friends.

Over the years as Patrice grew older, she began to struggle to find the right career for herself, due to the lack of confidence, her depression, and the anxiety she has been battling for years.  

She went from studying Mechanics when she first left High school, to studying Art & Design Fashion Pathway at Westminster Kingsway College. But unfortunately, towards the last year of college in 2010, Patrice decided to drop out and focused on working in retail.  

In 2013 Patrice gave birth to her son, shortly after she had an epiphany about what she wanted to do.

During her break from work, she studied an online course in Business & Administration, during this period she had a recurring nightmare, she couldn't seem to understand what it meant.

qoatz-publishing-house-patrice-picard (2

At first, she thought it was to do with the amount of horror/thriller movies she watched, but soon after realised it was a story she needed to tell, and hoorah The Savior was born!

Patrice returned to work a year after the birth of her son, she was determined to finish her story about the Savior and find a different job for stability.

In October 2015 Patrice left her retail job and started her first job working in schools, she continued to work on her novel day after day and continued to battle her depression and anxiety.

Now Patrice continues to work on The Savior Series, she hasn't fully overcome her limitations but has realised she needs to believe in herself to progress.

"The main character starts to understand believing in herself was all she needed to do to become the person she wants to be, I hope for the readers to notice this message that you can do anything if you just believe in yourself".