After Submissions 

At Qoatz, our goal is to represent all people of colour, and to promise each client will be respected, no matter the age, sex, or race. And to provide an impeccable service with affordable, prices.

What happens next?

At Qoatz Publisher,  we pride ourselves on our responsive nature. We will confirm the receipt of all submissions and inform you of our decision regarding them. Response times can vary and can take up to 6 weeks, so please remain patient during the review process.

Making the right decision!

Once a decision has been made, the client will be contacted by a member of the team.

This will be an opportunity for the client to share there ideas and expectations from Qoatz, and give us the chance to give feedback.

What we will do for you!

Work closely with:

  • Designers

  • Illustrators 

  • Editors

  • Proofreaders

  •  And formatters, to ensure that every detail is tailored to your needs, an author can be confident that we have the expertise to bring out and enhance their book’s true potential.

  • Book Marketing.

  • Book Trailer

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