Publishing House, Advertising/Marketing Services & Book Shop

Qoatz was renamed and founded in July 2019 as a New Publisher House Service, when Patrice Picard (author of The New Savior Series), decided to take charge in her life after losing her bank card one day and having all of her money stolen.

Rejection emails, unread manuscripts, searching agents, disapproving looks, the feeling you didn't belong or wasn't good enough, Patrice experienced it all.

She nearly gave up, then one day she received a letter in the post, it was a publisher, they loved her book and had a contract ready. Patrice was overwhelmed with joy, all that hard work paid off, but then she read the fine print, to work with this publisher she would have to pay thousands, and the reviews were terrible.

Again Patrice hit a low point and when she thought things couldn't get any worse, it did! 

She lost her bank card and had all of her money stolen, it was the worst timing, or was it? Patrice had an epiphany; she did not need an agent, neither did she need to be in "that" book shop with the disapproving looks because of the colour of her skin and telling her she did not belong. 

She would launch her OWN publishing house!

A publishing house that provides impeccable service at affordable prices to all of its clients, no matter their race, gender, or age! 


It was then Qoatz was born and subsequently published its first book in September 2019; The Savior: Deep In My Thoughts. Then in March 2021 Part II was published.

As well as being a publisher house for The Savior Series, Qoatz also has a shop for customers to buy the books. 
The ebooks are available on

We have a Poetry Blog page, where we display Patrice’s Poetry.

My Autistic Son, a series Patrice produced during the Lockdown, showing different aspects of her sons Autism, 

And let’s not forget, our Submissions page, if you’re a new writer, or been writing for years, if you’re, black, brown, hazel, purple, white, orange, we don’t care, we accept everyone!

We will also have other goods to offer such as:  


  • Advertising/Marketing (prices coming soon)

Please feel free to drop a line if you have any questions or want to know more about Qoatz!